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Anti-Corruption Efforts in the Caribbean: Enforcement, Civil Society, and the Multilateral Development Banks

Author: Matteson Ellis

ABA Section of International Law croppedOn September 30, the American Bar Association, Section of International Law is presenting a panel discussion teleconference regarding Anti-Corruption efforts in the Caribbean. The panel will be moderated by Matthew Fowler – a regular contributor to FCPAmericas – and will feature prominent anti-corruption voices from the region.


Anti-Corruption Efforts in the Caribbean:

Enforcement, Civil Society, and the Multilateral Development Banks

Program 7 of the International Anti-Corruption Committee’s ‘Around the World’ Series

A non-CLE program proudly presented by

ABA Section of International Law

International Anti-Corruption Committee

Tuesday September 30, 2014

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

By Teleconference only


The Jamaican National Security Minister has gone on record in the past month stating that (in Jamaican history) there has been no period when so many public officials and professionals (including lawyers) have been charged by Jamaican anti-corruption authorities, and that they are ‘just getting started.’  Trinidad and Tobago dropped lower in 2013, to rank 83rd out of 177 countries in the TI Corruption Perceptions Index. However, in July the Trinidad High Court issued a landmark ruling that found that the “public interest” is more important than the “legal professional privilege” in a critical case revolving around government officials and their personal financial interests.  Join us as we hear from anti-corruption crusaders in the Caribbean Basin who are on the front lines as they discuss recent enforcement efforts by jurisdictions in the islands;  what roles civil society and NGO’s are playing in achieving transparency and accountability in the region; and the function the development community has in mandating integrity in the projects it funds, and how the IADB is enforcing against corruption that affects not just the local populations but those that engage in business in and with the Caribbean.


  • Matthew Fowler, Senior Integrity Officer, Office of Institutional Integrity, InterAmerican Development Bank


  • Dr. Trevor Munroe, Executive Director, National Integrity Action of Jamaica, member of Transparency International
  • Dr. Anand Goolsarran, President, Transparency Institute Guyana Inc, former Auditor General of Guyana
  • Afra Raymond, President, Trinidad & Tobago Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry
  • Juanita Riaño, Integrity Officer,  Office of Institutional Integrity, InterAmerican Development Bank

Teleconference Registration Rates:

  • $15 – Section of International Law Members
  • $25 – SIL Non-Members


Matt Ellis

Post authored by Matt Ellis, FCPAméricas Founder & Editor

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