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New Book Published for FCPA Compliance Practitioners

Author: Carlos Ayres

fcpainlatinamericaA new book published recently in the United States is an excellent tool for FCPA compliance practitioners doing work in Latin America. The book, entitled The FCPA in Latin America: Common Corruption Risks and Effective Compliance Strategies for the Region, was written by Matt Ellis, who has extensive experience in international anti-corruption compliance and enforcement, with particular focus on Latin America (his full CV is available here), where he lived and worked.

With 214 pages divided into 8 chapters, the book covers numerous areas of FCPA compliance in Latin America and is must-read for anyone handling FCPA matters in the region. It provides a highly relevant and comprehensive guide for compliance practitioners on local risks, anti-bribery developments and navigating local culture.

Chapters of the book address topics such as Latin American common compliance misconceptions, local corruption risks, local anti-corruption developments, how anti-corruption compliance should be conveyed to Latin American business leaders, compliance strategies for companies doing business in Latin America, cultural aspects, management of third-party relationships, as well as FCPA enforcement cases in Latin America.

The approach taken in the book is highly practical and goes well beyond standard compliance advice. In the Foreword, Homer E. Moyer, Jr. highlighted that the book:

“. . . is not just timely, but also an enormously valuable reference source filled with practical, usable advice and insights” and added “the pages … paint an accurate and informative picture of current enforcement patterns and the risks they present, particularly for major corporations. To concrete examples and real cases, he adds cultural insights that make this book relevant and eminently practical.”

The book was written in English and, hopefully, it will be translated to other languages in the future so that more people can benefit from it. The book cost US$ 39,99 (US$ 7,39 in eBook format) and copies can be obtained here.

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Carlos Henrique da Silva Ayres

Post authored by Carlos Henrique da Silva Ayres, FCPAméricas Contributor

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