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Corruption Risk and the 2016 Rio Olympics: Raising the Bar for Hospitality Compliance

Author: Guest Author

RioOlympicsThis post is authored by Carlos Ayres, along with Senior Associate Geoff Martin and Associate Jean-Paul Theroux in Baker & McKenzie LLP’s Compliance, Investigations and Government Enforcement practice in Washington D.C.

The Olympic Games open in Rio de Janeiro on August 5, 2016. The Games are seen as an opportunity for hosts to show themselves to the world, and are generally lavish affairs. With the world’s attention comes high-profile and highly sought-after corporate hospitality. Such hospitality at the Olympics and other high-profile events can provide a bona fide relationship-building opportunity for companies. They are also a reminder of the risk that, when handled improperly, corporate hospitality can result in bribery or related improprieties.

In... Read more

Mexico National Anticorruption System Becomes Law

Author: Guest Author

PenaNietoACSystemGuest post by Jonathan Adams, a partner at Baker & McKenzie in Mexico City.

On July 18, President Enrique Peña Nieto signed into law the implementing legislation for the Mexican National Anticorruption System. The newly minted laws include the General Law for the National Anticorruption System; the Organic Law for the Federal Tribunal on Administrative Justice; and the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities. These long-awaited laws fundamentally complete the constitutional reforms of May 27, 2... Read more

Guatemala’s Anti-Corruption Shock Therapy

Author: Guest Author

Guest post by Jose E. Quiñones, a partner at Qil + 4 Abogados in Guatemala.

ShockGuatemala is experiencing an unprecedented and well deserved offensive against corruption. An Ex-President and Vice-President along with many ex-cabinet members are currently being prosecuted for a growing array of crimes including passive graft, money laundering and tax fraud, among others. The indictments are being brought through the efforts of a UN sponsored commission that until recently had limited success in dismantling “organized crime”, its principal mandate. The revelations have exposed different corruption networks, involving accusations against attorneys, judges, and Court of Appeals and Supre... Read more


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