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More Companies Managing Third Party Corruption Risks in Latin America

Author: Guest Author

third-partyThis post was co-authored by Leah Moushey, a Law Clerk at Miller & Chevalier.

The 2016 Latin America Corruption Survey, released by Miller & Chevalier and 13 partner law firms throughout the region, shows a notable increase in efforts by companies to mitigate risks that their third parties will pay bribes on their behalf. The survey results are based on information provided by more than 630 respondents across 19 countries in the Americas.

In general, the survey shows that many types of anti-corruption compliance efforts employed by companies in the region have remained consistent over the last four years, since the survey was last conducted in 2012... Read more

Anti-Corruption Compliance Interest Grows in Colombia: ACI Holds Second Andean Summit

Author: Matteson Ellis

colombiasummitA key measure of local interest in anti-corruption compliance in Latin America is the level of turnout at local compliance events. In Brazil and Mexico, compliance conferences are now often filled to capacity. If American Conference Institute’s continued investment in Colombia is any indication, that country and surrounding Andean countries are also poised to experience the same type of expansion in compliance know-how that Brazil and Mexico have experienced.

In fact, in the 2016 Latin America Corruption Survey more than 630 respondents throughout the region were asked about their company’s own anti-corruption compliance efforts. S... Read more

Costa Rica Strengthens its International Bribery Laws

Author: Guest Author

costaricaThis guest post is by Juan Carlos Tristan, a lawyer at BLP law firm in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has intensified its regulatory policies regarding transnational bribery. On July 21st, the Costa Rican Congress approved the Reform Bill amending the “Transnational Bribery Criminal Offense”, codified in Article 55 of the Anti-Corruption and Illicit Enrichment Law. This change was made to punish international bribery crime pursuant to the highest international standards. Through this reform, some conduct that was previous... Read more


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