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A New, Transparent Argentina?

Author: Guest Author

MacriThe following is a guest post from Diego Cano and Gavin Parrish of FTI Consulting. Mr. Cano is a Managing Director in the FTI Consulting Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice and is based in Buenos Aires. Mr. Parrish is a Managing Director at FTI Consulting and

is based in Houston, TX.  This post is edited from the original version, and reprinted with permission from FTI Consulting, Inc.

In December 2015, Mauricio Macri donned the blue-and-white presidential sash of Argentina, following his hard-fought and surprising presidential victory. He immediately proceeded with a flurry of reforms by promptly slashing export taxes, removing capital contro... Read more

Lava Jato’s Judge Moro Speaks to Washington

Author: Matteson Ellis

MoroBrazil’s Lava Jato, also known as “Operation Carwash,” is the largest anti-corruption prosecutorial effort in the world today. And perhaps the most important individual behind that effort is Sergio Moro, a federal judge overseeing several of the criminal proceedings. On July 14, 2016, Judge Moro spoke to an audience in Washington DC at the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The points he made deserve attention.

Corruption in Brazil is Systemic: Judge Moro did not mince words. He made it more than clear that corruption in Brazil is systemic, that it has been “a rule of the game,” and that the schemes uncovered in Lava Jato reflect this fact. He said, “It’s true. It&#... Read more

Miller & Chevalier Releases Results of 2016 Latin America Corruption Survey

Author: Matteson Ellis

2016 LACS Results_Blog ImageDespite more than three-quarters of businesspeople indicating that their country’s anti-corruption laws are ineffective, the 2016 Latin America Corruption Survey released by Miller & Chevalier Chartered and 13 partner firms shows marked signs of regionwide improvement in corporate compliance measures.

In April and May 2016, Miller & Chevalier and 13 Latin American partner firms distributed the survey to corporate executives based in 19 countries working in a broad cross-section of industries. 637 individuals completed the survey, ... Read more


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